The Society has published a Journal since its formation in 1980. Originally biannual, the Journal became an annual publication in 1995. From the spring of 1995 the Society has also published a more informal Newsletter.


The journal cover is by the Devon-based wildlife and portrait artist Mick Loates.


Journal editors: Will Harris (1980–1984); Anne Williamson (1985–2008); Michael Coultas (2009–2014); Dr John Akeroyd (2015– )


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Journal cover


With issue no. 31, September 1995 – the centenary of the year of Henry Williamson's birth – the Society's Journal changed its format from A5 to its current more generous size, while the quality of its production was substantially improved.


Below is the Table of Contents for each issue since 1995. Authors and titles are also listed within the Research Centre indexes. Updating the indexes is an ongoing task; while the author index is up to date, the title index, with short abstracts, currently contains the material from Journals nos. 1–38 and Newsletters nos. 1–7.


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ISSUE No. 59,

September 2023

Obituaries: Eric Starr, Rex Cornell

Richard Williamson's The Dawn is My Brother, John Gregory

Land of the Two Rivers, Richard Williamson

The Green Desert, Henry Williamson

The Trophies, Henry Williamson

Farming Matters: The connection between HW and Harry Ferguson, Anne Williamson

The 1936–9 Ferguson Model A tractor and its associated implements, David Markham

Dear Filly . . . Love, Harry (continued), Ruth Alder

Rookhurst and Fawley House, the family seat of the Maddisons, John Akeroyd

An enigmatic HW inscription, David Hoyle

Inspired by Nature – 'Tunnicliffe 120', Peter Miles

The two swing bridges of Barum: Addenda, John Bradbear

Book reviews:

Mark Wormald, The Catch, Jeremy Newsum

Richard Calvert Williamson, A Shadow in the Clouds, John Akeroyd


ISSUE No. 58,

September 2022

Richard Calvert Williamson, 1935–2022

Adventures with Alvis Silver Eagle DR6084, Alex and Elspeth Marsh

Round about the Mulberry Bush: The story of 'Shakespeare's Mulberry Wood' Box, Anne Williamson

An Appendix to 'Round about the Mulberry Bush': Drake, Driver & Leaver, Anne Williamson

Henry Williamson the Conservationist, John Akeroyd

Let me tell you of a startlingly New Wild World, Henry Williamson

Two articles by Henry Williamson in Britannia magazine, Glyn Shingler

Book review:

Richard Calvert Williamson, Flights of the Mind, Pam Waugh


ISSUE No. 57,

September 2021

Henry Williamson and the World Wildlife Fund Second International Congress in 1970, Anne Williamson

The Horse-Painter: The story of the friendship between Henry Williamson and Sir Alfred Munnings, Anne Williamson

Letters from Henry Williamson to Kathleen Lack, 1941–1944, John Gregory

Letters from Henry Williamson to Anne Wright, January 1973–October 1974, John Gregory

The War in the Air. A look at Henry Williamson's last book: The Scandaroon, Anne Williamson

Book reviews:

Mike Hill: Christmas Truce, by the Men who Took Part: Letters from the 1914 Ceasefire on the Western Front, John Gregory

Elizabeth Basford: Princess Mary: The First Modern Princess, Anne Williamson


ISSUE No. 56,

September 2020

Obituary: John Wheatley Blench (19262019), Michael McMahon

Henry Williamson as Poet, Anne Williamson

Poetry in Henry Williamson's Nature Writings, Richard Williamson

'My Autobiography'. Postscript to 'Henry Williamson as Poet', Anne Williamson

Rambling on Henry Williamson's Exmoor, Patrick Fleming

'Learning from Animals', Alan Dilnot

An Abiding Affection: Henry Williamson and Sir John Squire, John Smart

Book reviews:

Henry Williamson, Tarka the Otter (new US edition), John Gregory

Vivien Whelpton, Richard Aldington: Novelist, Biographer, and Exile: 1930–1962, Anne Williamson

Richard King, The Lark Ascending: The Music of the British Landscape, John Akeroyd

Stephen Westcott, Somerledaa's Tale: A Story of Grey Seals, Valerie Belsey

Arthur Johnston in A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, John Akeroyd


'Curlews', Lindsay Dannatt


ISSUE No. 55,

September 2019

'I am in Eternity now': Henry Williamson and The Story of my Heart, Anne Williamson

'A Medium in the Spirit of Life': Some thoughts on 'visionary' influences in the writing of Henry Williamson, Anne Williamson

A Boy in a Tattered Cloak, Anne Wroe

Victorian Farming in Georgeham, John Bradbeer

Will it be a hard winter?, Henry Williamson

Animals best left where they are, Henry Williamson

The real Julian Warbeck, Anne Williamson

English Farming: Introduction (Britain in Pictures, No. 16), Henry Williamson

Ronald Duncan: a friend in need, Anne Williamson

Review of 'The Folklore of Birds', Henry Williamson

Short articles:

Driver Frith: a family postscript, John Gregory

An offbeat South London link: Henry Williamson/John Mayall, Mick Loates


'Warrior', Lindsay Dannatt


ISSUE No. 54,

September 2018

Obituary: Tony Evans (1937–2017): a Life Recalled, John Gregory

Sparker Ley and Devon-style Wrestling, Tony Evans

Old Comrades: Letters to Henry Williamson, John Gregory

The Golden Virgin: a design for a lithograph by Cyril J. Frost, Richard Hollis

The Barber of Ypres, Henry Williamson & Anne Williamson

Two Henry Williamson articles: on Muggy Smith and Tiger Kift

Five Animal Characters in the Writings of Henry Williamson:

I    Bodger (of Great Snoring), Anne Williamson

II   The Donks, Pamela Waugh

III   Hetty's Mouse, Margaret White

IV  Henry's Kestrels, John Gregory

V   Timmy Rat: Phillip's beloved pet, Robert Walker

Winter with Williamson, Colin Watson

Book reviews: Charles Tunnicliffe Prints: a Catalogue Raisoné; and

The Uncommon Reader: A Life of Edward Garnett, Anne Williamson

Obituary: David Cobham (1930-2018), Anne Williamson

Short articles:

Barnstaple's concrete ships, John Bradbeer

In search of Henry, Jim Green

George Mackie: diary page from Summer 1944, Anne Williamson

Tailpiece: Two Poems

'English Hill', Lindsay Dannatt

'Lark Song', Tim ffytche


ISSUE No. 53,

September 2017

Obituary: George Heath (1917–2017), John Gregory

In Williamson Country, Part III: Revvy, his family and friends, Tony Evans

Henry Williamson and Old Hall Farm: A Memoir, Part II, Arthur Johnston

The Vanishing Hedgerows: A Cry from the Heart, Henry Williamson & Anne Williamson

William Archer Kermode (1894–1959), Alan Dilnot

The Death of Driver Frith, John Gregory

Bertram Baldersby of Baldersby Towers, Baldersby, Berks, Ian Abernethy

July 14th 1960: A Memory, Tim ffytch

Edmund Blunden's Voyage, Geoffrey Taylor

Book review: Jerome Farrell, This Ghastly Affair, Anne Williamson

Tailpiece: 'In a German Cemetery', Lindsay Dannatt


ISSUE No. 52,

September 2016

In Williamson Country, Part II: Baggy, Peter Raleigh, Tiger and Other Friends and Neighbours, Tony Evans

Henry Williamson and Old Hall Farm: A Memoir, Part I, Arthur Johnston

A Brief Look at Nature and the Chronicle, Anne Williamson

The Life Cycle of the Salmon; or, The Science of Salar, Lindsay Dannatt

The Black Crosses of the Wet Flanders Plain, Anne Williamson

Wildflowers of the Somme Battlefield, John Akeroyd

'The Gammons of Ham' Corrigendum, and Some More HW Links, Alan Willey

Whence Came Old Nog the Heron?, John Akeroyd

Tailpiece: 'Incident in the Field, 1940', Alan Dilnot


ISSUE No. 51,

September 2015

In Williamson Country: Baggy, Muggy and The Scandaroon, Tony Evans

Henry Williamson and the 'Gammons of Ham', Alan Willey

Richard Maddison and the First World War, Robert Walker

Kith and Kin – or 'Kissing Cousins', Anne Williamson

Henry Williamson: His Heroes and Hero-Worship, Alan Dilnot

Literary Aspects of The Phasian Bird, Michael Coultas

Henry Williamson's Newmarket, Glyn Shingler

Continuing The Weed's Tale, John Akeroyd

Henry Williamson's Letters to Arthur Brown, John Glanfield

Tailpiece: Some Anniversaries and an Agenda, John Akeroyd


ISSUE No. 50,

September 2014

Witness to War: An Examination of HW's 'Reality in War Literature', Anne Williamson

'John Dandelion', John Gregory / Henry Williamson

Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw, Peter Bunten

The Studio, Home of Owls, Harry Williamson

The Lost Countryside of Henry Williamson, John Akeroyd

Some Thoughts on The Beautiful Years, Anne Williamson

Henry Williamson and Ted Hughes: A Literary Contrast, Yvonne Reddick

Hunted by War, Gordon Watkins

. . . And the view from 2014, Michael Coultas

HW Epigraphs: J. P. Stern, Dennis Childs

One of 60,000, Ted Wood


ISSUE No. 49,

September 2013


Rise and Shine III: A Rainbow Follows the Storm: Some Thoughts on The Gale of the World, Anne Williamson

Hitch-hiking to Henry, Richard Russell

S. P. B. Mais – Henry's Longest Literary Relationship, Robert Walker

Epigraphs from A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, Michael Coultas

The Wiltshire Roots of Henry Williamson's Rookhurst, John Akeroyd

Books and Book Collecting: An Anecdotal Indulgence, E. S. (Ted) Wood

The Gale of the World – A Book too Far? Robert Walker

Review: Miriam Darlington, Otter Country: In Search of the Wild Otter

Ann Quin: A Tonal Note, Nonia Williams Korteling

Richard and a Corncrake: A Glimpse of our Lost Meadows, John Akeroyd


ISSUE No. 48,

September 2012

Mating-time Millinery of the Birds, Henry Williamson

Henry Williamson and Arthur Machen, Jeremy Cantwell

Theodora Maddison – A Modern Woman, Margaret White

Desmond Neville: A Profile of Phillip Maddison's Boyhood Friend as Shown in the Chronicle, Peter Lewis

Women in Service: Female Domestic Servants in the Works of Henry Williamson, 1895-1925, Robert Walker

Rise and Shine Again (as a Phoenix Regenerated), Anne Williamson

Women at Home in the Early Chronicle, William Eccles

Postwar or Postpone, Henry Williamson

Decline and Fall, Part 3: Last Exit to Birkin, Michael Coultas

Review: Adam Reed, A Study of the Henry Williamson Society

Extracts from the Williamson–Sewell Letters

Hugoe Matthews' Bibliography


ISSUE No. 47,

September 2011


Ancient Sunlight: The Beginnings of the Henry Williamson Society, John Glanfield

Thirty Years On, Will Harris

In the Beginning, Peter Faulkner

'A Merciful, Heaven-Sent Release? The Clerk and the First World War, Jonathan Wild

Men, Women, and England: Great War Writers and Dreams of Renewal, Stephen Cullen

Educating the Cuckoo, Henry Williamson

Rise and Shine, Anne Williamson

Decline and Fall, Part 2: Ashes of the Phoenix, Michael Coultas

The Owl Club, Ted Stokes

Following 'A Wild Goose Chase': HW, the King of Redonda, and Wilfrid Ewart's Way of Revelation, Anne Williamson

A Wild Goose Chase, Henry Williamson (with John Gawsworth)

The Stolen Rifle, Harry Williamson

A Founder Member Writes, Tim Osborne

Obituary: Hugoe Matthews, Wendy Matthews

The Invention of Tarka, Miriam Darlington


ISSUE No. 46,

September 2010


Introduction to Tarka the Otter, Robert Finch

Henry's Hayling Holidays, Robert Walker

A Devon Stream, Henry Williamson

On Foot in Devon, Anne Williamson

Seeing Stars – Henry Williamson's Astronomy, Michael Coultas

Malandine and Barley, Anne Williamson

'Barleybright' or 'The Torcross Venus': Ann Courtenay Edmonds, Anne Williamson

Decline and Fall, Part 1: The Crisis of the Chronicle, Michael Coultas

Stories from My Youth, Harry Williamson

Children's Hospice South West and Starborn, Ted Wood

'Found Poems', Michael Coultas

The Hawthornden Prize, Michael Coultas

Valhalla, Michael Coultas

Tarka the Music – World Premiere, Harry Williamson


The 'Chichester Cousins', Anne Williamson

Henry Williamson's Handwriting, Elizabeth Shearer

Felixstowe Plaque


ISSUE No. 45,

September 2009


The Gold Falcon: A Morality Play in Prose? Anne Williamson

Characters in The Gold Falcon and their Real-Life Counterparts, compiled by Anne Williamson

The Gold Falcon: Limited Edition Dedicated Copies, Anne Williamson

Thomas Washington Metcalfe, Anne Williamson

Henry's Visit to the New World 1930–1: Known Facts and Dates, Anne Williamson

Grove Street Blues: Places and People from Henry Williamson's First Trip to North America 1930–1, Walker Burns

Letters from Henry to Loetitia Williamson, North America 1930–1 Selection of extracts by Anne Williamson

Hamlet and Modern Life, Henry Williamson [Lecture given at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, 10 February 1931]

Dixie Days of 1934: Henry Williamson in the Deep South, Tony Jowett

Reflections on A Clear Water Stream, Mick Loates


ISSUE No. 44,

September 2008


Teeth of the Lion, Anne Williamson

A Busy Year: 1911, Colfe's and HW [with] 'Some Feathered Friends', by HW

Carmen Colfanum and Colfe's Sports Song, Leland Duncan (words), Frederick Leeds (music)

Mr Creech, HW and Constance Bennett (Ko Kee) [with] 'Linnets', by HW

The Making of a Book (review of Winged Victory, 1975)

Colfe's School Staff

Map of Lewisham, 1745

Imaginary but True: Henry Williamson's Wakenham, pts II & III, Fred Shepherd

An Edwardian Boyhood (MA Dissertation): The View of the Child in A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight; Chapter 4: 'Education and Nature', Lesley Delaney

Mad Willie and Me, pt 2, Sue Cumming

A Literary Collaboration: The Wet Flanders Plain, Jeremy Archer

Salar the Salmon (an extract from Hunting and Fishing, Vol. XIV, No. 3, March 1937



ISSUE No. 43,

September 2007


Henry Williamson, F.O.O. and the Battle of Loos, Ian Walker

Sketch map of terrain of the Battle of Loos

'Tower Bridge': before and after the battle

The spectre of Lone Tree (scanned in 2 parts) (Part 2), Anne Williamson

A Test of Detection: The Missing Days, April 1918 (scanned in 2 parts) (Part 2), Dr Mike Maloney

A Felixstowe Friendship (compiled by Anne Williamson)

Dear Filly . . . Love, Harry, John Gregory

Two early (unpublished) Essays, Henry Williamson

The Great War in the Writings of Henry Williamson, John Gregory

'My Friend': Major Colin Traill (compiled by Anne Williamson)

Cousin Charlie: A Tribute (compiled by Anne Williamson)


ISSUE No. 42,

September 2006


A Dual Heritage, Anne Williamson

Reflections on a Theme, Henry Williamson

Goethe, by Albert Schweitzer, a quotation from

Goethe's Faust: A review by Henry Williamson

Desert Island Discs, Henry Williamson's choice of: A transcript of the 1969 BBC radio programme

Squerryes Court, details

Henry's Desert Island Choice Revisited, Stuart Smith

Henry Williamson as Educational Thinker, Will Harris

Phillip Maddison and the Decca 'Trench' Gramophone, David Macfarlane

Wheeling Down to Easterbacon, Barry Kitts





ISSUE No. 41,

September 2005


HW's Collection of Richard Jefferies Books

Henry Williamson's Debt to Richard Jefferies, Richard Stewart

Further Thoughts on Richard Jefferies and Henry Williamson, Brian Fullagar

Poor Richard Jefferies, Henry Williamson

Richard Jefferies Centenary, Henry Williamson

Samuel Looker: letter and inscription to HW

Henry Williamson as President of the RJ Society

Richard Jefferies as a young man

HW at RJ's grave

Coate Water, January 1937

Richard Jefferies Society information

A Purple Thread (W.H. Hudson), Anne Williamson

West Country Writers: Cartoon 1954

'Supreme Nature Writer', Review: Tomalin, W.H. Hudson, Henry Williamson

Impressions of Nature, Richard Williamson

And still the story continued

The Henry Williamson Archive at Exeter University, Ian Mortimer

Golden Days, Walker Burns

Helena and Doris: Calf Love in Fiction and Real Life, Peter Lewis




ISSUE No. 40,

September 2004


Journalism: The Public Face of the Norfolk Farm, John Gregory

On the Trail of Bugg Cottages, Peter Lewis

Norfolk Farm Cottages: Extracts from HW's Diary

Norfolk Farm: archive photographs

The Amazing Wildlife Detail of Tunnicliffe's Norfolk Farm Map, Richard Williamson

Old Hall Farm (The Norfolk Farm), map of

Norfolk Farm Facts: Some Documentary Evidence

A Potted History of Stiffkey Old Hall

Journal of a Norfolk Farmer (pages from a pocket notebook), Henry Williamson

Wits Misery (4 pages of TS), Henry Williamson

The Immortal Corn: Envelope notes/synopsis, Henry Williamson

The Making of The Vanishing Hedgerows, David Cobham

A Norfolk Memory, Wendy Hennington

Stewkey Blues: A Local Issue



ISSUE No. 39,

September 2003


The Flax of Dream: A Review, S.P.B. Mais

Henry's Wakenham: Imaginary but True, Fred Shepherd

Pauper Spirits, Andy Brown

Old Colfeians Roll of Honour 1914–1918 (from HW's archive)

Photograph of HW, 1919, Folkestone

Save His Own Soul He Hath No Star, Anne Williamson

Flaxen Words: an early typescript fragment, Henry Williamson

A Comment on 'The Dream of Flax', Rev'd A. Rose

Keeping the Wolf from the Door, John Gregory

A Jaunt to Belgium, Tony Jowett


ISSUE No. 38,

September 2002


Henry Williamson's own photographs of the Lynmouth disaster

Map showing area of The Gale of the World

Fledgling Thoughts (Part 1 of talk on 'The London Trilogy'), Anne Williamson

A School-boys Diary 1913, Henry Williamson

Selection of photographs from 'early era'

Mature Words (Part 2 of talk on 'The London Trilogy'), Anne Williamson

Thomas Turney and Family, Peter Lewis

Thomas Leaver at the Alhambra, 1903 (photograph)

A Critical Approach to A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight: Part IV, 'The Second World War and its Aftermath', Dr J. Wheatley Blench

An American's Pathway to Henry Williamson, Walker Burns



ISSUE No. 37,

September 2001


Chasing the Cheriton, Tony Evans

A Critical Approach to A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight: Part III, The Inter-war Years, Dr J. Wheatley Blench

A Portrait of Richard Maddison, Parts 6, 7 and 8, Peter Lewis

The Bells of Georgeham, Brian Harris

Confessions of an English Williamson Addict, Mike Ruddock

Voices of the Visions of the Night, Mary Leopoldina Williamson

Responses to The Star-born

A Chronicle of Ancient Starlight?, Sue Cumming

Like Peeling an Onion, Ben Serjeant

Parallels with Steiner, Chris Clarke

Life was of the same moment of Truth, Peter Short

HW inscriptions from books by him belonging to the Radford family

A Haunted Place (from The Sun and the Serpent), Hamish Miller



ISSUE No. 36,

September 2000


The Light of Khristos, Brian Sanders

The Radfords of Ingo Brake, Lydford, Tony Evans

Two Postcards of Lydford Gorge (to HW from Joyce (Jo) Radford)

Sketch Map of Lydford and the Gorge, Anne Williamson

'A Daffodyll in the grasses of Mankind', Anne Williamson

Comment on previous articles on The Star-born, Anne Williamson

Notes for Phantasy (MS of the original concept), Henry Williamson

Three pages from the full MS of The Star-born, Henry Williamson

Unpublished 'Introduction' to The Star-born, Henry Williamson

Some Instances of Symbolism in The Star-born, Tony Evans and Anne Williamson

The Learned Pig, Anne Williamson

From a Wartime Norfolk Journal: Easter 1944, Henry Williamson

A Portrait of Richard Maddison, Parts 3, 4, and 5, Peter Lewis

Holiday postcards from William Leopold Williamson

The Stark Truth of War, Fred Shepherd

Two Dedicated Otter Men, John Irving

Henry: One of the Faces at the Window, Maurice Wiggin

Obituary: Father Brocard Sewell



ISSUE No. 35,

September 1999


Mad Willie and Me, Sue Cumming

A Portrait of Richard Maddison, Peter Lewis

Gaffer (from Take It to Bed), D.B. Wyndham Lewis

Good Husbandry, Philip Conford

Suspicions at Stiffkey, Fred Shepherd

Devon Diapason, Dr Lionel Dakers, CBE

Millennium Revelations (John Middleton Murry), Anne Williamson

Middleton Murry on Henry Williamson, Fr Brocard Sewell

Withypool: June, 1940, Henry Williamson

Thoughts on Field Marshall [sic] Haig, Henry Williamson

The Haggards of Ditchingham House, Cmdr Mark Cheyne

The Phasian Bird, Richard Williamson

A Selection of Reviews of The Phasian Bird



ISSUE No. 34,

September 1998

'Reality in War Literature'

Reality in War Literature


Reality in War Literature, Henry Williamson

A selection of 'Notes' re 1914 and 1915, Henry Williamson

Extracts from Letters found on Germans during the Somme Battle

The Orders for the attack on the Hindenburg Line May 1917

Food Shortage at Home 1917

Truthful Poem: An Unemployed Ex-Soldier

Honeymoon 1925: some postcards from the Battlefields

Chyebassa Reunion 1926

And This Was Ypres – 1927 Visit, Henry Williamson

I Believe in the Men Who Died, Henry Williamson

The Last 100 Days, Henry Williamson

Further Notes for the Chronicle, Henry Williamson

Love and the Loveless: Some Cover Sketches

Reflections on the Death of a Field Marshal, Henry Williamson

Some Thoughts on 'Spectre' West and other elusive characters, Anne Williamson

'A Group of Soldiers', Anne Williamson

A Critical Approach to A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, Part II, Dr J. Wheatley Blench



ISSUE No. 33,

September 1997


A Critical Approach to A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, Part I, Dr J. Wheatley Blench

Artistic Connections, Fred Shepherd

Light on The Pathway, Part 1; Part 2, Tony Evans

Kippered at Ox's Cross, Richard Williamson

Coincidences and Influences, Brian Wake

Helena Rolls' Brooch, Anne Williamson

Reviews under Review 3: The Dream of Fair Women, Peter Robins

Further Review cuttings from HW's Archive

Waveney Girvan – Founder of the West Country Writers' Association, Victor Bonham-Carter

Concerning The West Country Magazine, George Porter

'Editor's Preface' from The West Country Magazine, No. 1, Malcolm Elwin

The Powys Society, Paul Roberts

Tarka the Otter is 70 years old:

Otters in Winter, Henry Williamson

The Otter, Henry Williamson

The Gentleman's River, Henry Williamson

The Vanishing Hedgerows: Reflections on a Musical Theme, Paul Lewis




ISSUE No. 32,

September 1996

Salar the Salmon: An Appraisal, Dr J. Wheatley Blench

Brief Encounter: George Mackie and friends

The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway and its Founder, Peter Lewis

A Visit to the Royal Society of Literature, Fred Shepherd

Georgeham Memories, Arthur Brown

Timbo's Dream, Henry Williamson

Biographical Matters, Anne Williamson

Lost Rivers of the Salmonidae, Barry Kitts

Richard Maddison's Bicycle, Robert Tierney

To Henry – A Centenary Tribute, Beryl Fullagar





No. 31, September 1995

Portrait of Henry Williamson by Charles Tunnicliffe, RA

On Achieving Centenary, Richard Williamson, President of the HWS

Roots: An Examination of HW's Family Tree, Anne Williamson

The Incalculable Hour, J. Quiddington-West

A Look at Henry Williamson's Lewisham, Brian Fullagar

Scarecrow Cottage – four articles from 1921–22, Henry Williamson

'Ham' in the 1920s, Peter Lewis

Endpaper map from The Labouring Life, Henry Williamson

'T'chackamma' – a fragment of manuscript, Henry Williamson

The Dreamer of Devon, Herbert Faulkner West

'Zoë' – pages from the original publication, Henry Williamson

'Introduction' from A Bibliography, I. Waveney Girvan

The Ironic Mode: Aldington and Williamson, John Onions

Henry Williamson, Edward Seago

Portrait of Henry Williamson by Edward Seago

Peace in War, a review, Henry Williamson

The Great Writers of Angling – 'The Fishers of Men', John Bailey

The Rural Tradition 'Henry Williamson', Professor W.J. Keith

The Maddison and Turney Family Trees, Will Harris


Notes on Contributors