HWS Journal, No. 51

September 2015. See product details for the table of contents.
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Illus., pp. 96, paperback, Henry Williamson Society, 2015





In Williamson Country: Baggy, Muggy and the Scandaroon, Tony Evans

Henry Williamson and the 'Gammons of Ham', Alan Willey

Richard Maddison and the First World War, Robert Walker

Kith and Kin – or 'Kissing Cousins, Anne Williamson

Henry Williamson: his heroes and hero-worship, Alan Dilnot

Literary Aspects of The Phasian Bird, Michael Coultas

Henry Williamson's Newmarket, Glyn Shingler

Continuing the Weed's Tale, John Akeroyd

Henry Williamson's letters to Arthur Brown, John Glanfield

Tailpiece: Some Anniversaries and and Agenda, John Akeroyd