Heart of England (e-book only)

Written originally as a way of paying off unexpectedly high bills during his early years of farming in Norfolk, these beautifully written articles by Henry Williamson, set in both Norfolk and Devon, are counterpointed and given immediacy by the inclusion of the evening’s headlines after each article, depicting the deteriorating international situation as the Second World War begins.
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Introduction by John Gregory, illus., 112 print pages, paperback, Henry Williamson Society, 2003, reprinted 2008; e-book edition 2013


ISBN: 978-1-873507-34-6 (Kindle)

ISBN: 978-1-873507-35-3 (EPUB)


Written by Henry Williamson as a way of paying off some unexpectedly high farming bills ('There was one thing for it: to pay off the debts by writing' – The Story of a Norfolk Farm), these beautifully written articles appeared in the Evening Standard during the period 1939–1941; set in Norfolk and Devon, they are counterpointed and given immediacy by the inclusion of the Standard's headlines for the day, which depict the deteriorating international situation and the outbreak and early days of the Second World War.


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