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December 2020  

'Reality in War Literature' (a consideration of this significant essay, including scans of

the original manuscript and typescript from 1926, and the essay as it appeared in The

London Mercury in 1929)

December 2020  

The page for The Ackymals (ltd ed., Windsor Press, 1929) has been revised to

incorporate further information – letters to HW from the Windsor Press, and the

complete short story as it appeared in The London Mercury, January 1927

December 2020   'Threnos for T. E. Lawrence' (a consideration of this significant essay)
December 2020  

A newly discovered book review by HW in the New York Herald Tribune (Nov. 1930) of

Edward Thompson's In Araby Orion. The page for In Araby Orion has also been updated

to include the review

December 2020  

Revised page for A Soldier's Diary of the Great War, now including a lengthy review by

Jack Squire in the Observer, recently discovered in the Literary Archive

September 2020  

Posthumous collections – these are the collections of newspaper and magazine

articles and essays, introductions to other books etc. by HW, published by the Society –

15 books in all, comprising, in published date order:

*  Days of Wonder (Contributions to the Daily Express, 19661971)

*  From a Country Hilltop (Contributions to Home Magazine, 1958–1962; and The

Sunday Times, 1962–1964)

*  A Breath of Country Air (2 vols) (Contributions to the Evening Standard, 1944–1945;

and 'Quest', 15 linked pieces in Woman's Illustrated and Eve's Own, 1946)

*  Spring Days in Devon, and Other Broadcasts (Transcripts of 22 BBC talks)

*  Pen and Plough: Further Broadcasts (Transcripts of 21 BBC talks; with a checklist

of all HW's known BBC radio broadcasts)

*  Threnos for T. E. Lawrence, and Other Writings

*  Green Fields and Pavements: A Norfolk Farmer in Wartime (Contributions to the

Eastern Daily Press, 1941–1944)

*  The Notebook of a Nature-lover (Selected contributions to the Sunday Referee,


*  Words on the West Wind: Selected Essays from The Adelphi, 1924–1950

*  Henry Williamson: A Brief Look at His Life and Writings in North Devon in the

1920s and '30s (A short anthology, edited by Tony Evans)

*  Indian Summer Notebook: A Writer's Miscellany 

*  Heart of England: Contributions to the Evening Standard, 19391941

*  Chronicles of a Norfolk Farmer: Contributions to the Daily Express, 1937–1939

*  Stumberleap, and Other Devon Writings: Contributions to the Daily Express,


*  Atlantic Tales: Contributions to The Atlantic Monthly, 19271947

August 2020   The Gale of the World (the last in the 15-volume A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight series)
April 2020   The Scandaroon
March 2020   Collected Nature Stories
December 2019   The Henry Williamson Animal Saga
August 2019   Book reviews (by HW; all known reviews or notices, covering 102 books)
July 2019   Letters to The Times
May 2019   'New Forest Child', by Phyllis Dorothy Compton (with help from HW) [unpublished]
May 2019   The Wipers Times (Foreword by HW) 
April 2019   The Vanishing Hedgerows (BBC2, broadcast on 20 August, 1971)
February 2019   No Man's Land (BBC1, broadcast on 10 November 1968)
January 2019  

The Survivor: A Sunday Night Feature on the author of Tarka the Otter (BBC1,

broadcast on 8 May 1966)

December 2018   

The Twelfth Man (the essay 'Genesis of Tarka', in an anthology published for Prince

Philip's 50th birthday)

December 2018     

'Some Nature Writers and Civilisation' (Wedmore Memorial Lecture given by HW

to the Royal Society for Literature)

December 2018   My Favourite Country Stories (Edited and Introduction by HW)
November 2018   A Clear Water Stream
October 2018   Tales of Moorland & Estuary
October 2018  

'Reflections on the Death of a Field Marshal' (An essay prompted by viewing the

film 'Oh! What a Lovely War' that was first published in Contemporary Review in

June 1971)

October 2018   Schools Writing Competition 2018 – Results
September 2018   Letters from a Soldier by Walter Robson (Edited and Introduction by HW)
September 2018   The Adelphi (HW's contributions to and involvement with this literary magazine)
September 2018   The Phasian Bird
August 2018  

'The Last 100 Days' (A series of articles about the 100-day offensive that ended the

Great War)

July 2018    Tales of a Devon Village and Life in a Devon Village 
July 2018   Norfolk Life by Lilias Rider Haggard and Henry Williamson 
June 2018   Genius of Friendship: T. E. Lawrence
May 2018   As the Sun Shines (An anthology, with 18 pieces from books published up to 1941)
May 2018   Lucifer before Sunrise (vol. 14 of A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight)
March 2018  

Waveney Girvan and the West Country Writers Association (of which Henry

Williamson later became president. This new page is an adjunct to the page on

Girvan's Bibliography and a Critical Survey of the Works of Henry Williamson.)

February 2018  

Two additional pages to expand on our Richard Jefferies page:

Richard Jefferies Centenary Celebrations, June 1948

Henry Williamson and the Richard Jefferies Society

February 2018  

The Daniel Brothers, London Rifle Brigade. This page was created courtesy of

Tom Daniel, grandson of one of the brothers, who provided the details and the

marvellous photo. (Updated with further information and photographs March 2018.)

January 2018  

Francis Thompson (A look at his life and work; his influence on HW; HW and the

Francis Thompson Society; and HW's two essays on Thompson, 'A First Adventure

with Francis Thompson' and 'In Darkest England')

January 2018  

Five essays and reviews by Fr Brocard Sewell:

'Facing the Spectres of the Mind' (review, 1960)

'Henry Williamson' (1961)

'The Power of the Dead' (review, 1963)

'Some Thoughts on The Flax of Dream' (1965)

'Some Memories of H.W.' (1980)

December 2017  

'Some Notes on The Flax of Dream & A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight', by Henry

Williamson. This illuminating essay was first published in the Aylesford Review

(Vol II, No. 2, Winter 1957–'58).

November 2017  

'A Fair Seed-time: an illustrated account of Henry Williamson's childhood', by

Anne Williamson. The page also includes perhaps HW's earliest known writing: a

school essay written in 1908 when he was 12, entitled 'Keepers and Birds of Prey'.

November 2017  

In the Woods (including Appendices on: Fr Brocard Sewell and St Albert's Press;

'Machen in Fleet Street; HW's involvement with Aylesford Review literary events)

October 2017  

A Soldier's Diary of the Great War by Douglas Bell, Introduction by Henry Williamson

(Not a new page, but revised and augmented – an album of pencil drawings and

watercolours by Bell, most drawn by him in 1915, has recently been donated to the

Society. The entire album has been scanned and added to this page.)

May 2017  

A Solitary War (vol. 13 of A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight; including HW's synopses

for a proposed film, 'Immortal Corn', 1940)

May 2017   The Story of a Norfolk Farm
May 2017   A Fight against Tithes by George Gill (with an Epigraph by HW)
March 2017  

The Unreturning Spring by James Farrar (edited and with an Introduction by Henry


March 2017   The Phoenix Generation (vol. 12 of A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight)
January 2017   Henry Williamson and 208 Machine Gun Company
November 2016   Henry Williamson and the London Rifle Brigade
September 2016   The Power of the Dead (vol. 11 of A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight)
September 2016   The Children of Shallowford
August 2016   'Out of the Prisoning Tower'
August 2016   Goodbye West Country
July 2016   The Flax of Dream  one-volume edition
July 2016   Rupert Bryers: an homage
July 2016   'When the sun arose that day', newspaper article by HW
July 2016   'The Somme', newspaper article by HW
July 2016   'Return to Hell', newspaper articles by HW
July 2016  

'7.30 a.m.: a time of hope that became an execution hour', newspaper article by HW

June 2016   Salar the Salmon
June 2016   New editions [of books by HW] published 19411948
June 2016   The Sun in the Sands
May 2016   Devon Holiday
March 2016   Scribbling Lark
January 2016   Richard Jefferies
January 2016   Winged Victory, by V. M. Yeates
January 2016   Henry Williamson's visit to the United States in 1934
January 2016   The Linhay on the Downs
January 2016   On Foot in Devon
November 2015   It Was The Nightingale (vol. 10 of A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight)
October 2015   The Innocent Moon (vol. 9 of A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight)
September 2015   A Note on In Araby Orion, by Edward Thompson
September 2015   Henry Williamson and Francis Chichester
August 2015   The Gold Falcon
April 2015   'To the Unknown Soldier', from Goodbye West Country
March 2015   The Dreamer of Devon, by Herbert Faulkner West
March 2015   Fergaunt the Fox (the book that never was)
March 2015   Miscellanea of the Early 1930s
March 2015   A Bibliography . . . of the Works of Henry Williamson, by Waveney Girvan
March 2015   The Labouring Life
January 2015   The Village Book